​There’s really no words for how empty and alone I feel in my life right now. I’m not alone, I know that. But nobody can show me a path or a map through my forest. Their paths aren’t mine to take. I can create almost anything. Except for the slightest bit of success. That’s how it feels lately, and that’s when an inner voice laughs at me as if annoyed. I stop to see who could think this is funny. The inner voice is looking out at me with a grin of shame shaking it’s head. “You know everything dont you? Where were you when I needed you?”  I was right here letting you fail, and learn. You may feel empty but I am always here within you. You are living in a world that is anything but natural, a human world. The fluid, perfect rythms of nature don’t exist here, and your confusion reflects that. Don’t blame yourself for past mistakes one more second, god has forgiven you and the rest will follow. Cut the crap and dig deep. I, I mean you, will know what to do when the time comes and your purpose will reveal itself. You are unlimited potential. A divine being that will find its way in the dark. Some people’s most blessed moments are behind them, but yours will sneak up on you and drop you to your knees in joy. Now go fight! “Fo sho’ – thanks…  me.


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