New goal -to set goals.

It is yet again time to upgrade my grind. There are times when you know you must cut out another part of your life to gain momentum. Then sometimes you must apply knowledge you knew but ignored because you weren’t ready for the commitment. Sometimes you must set a goal, or even let one go. Goals are a weak point of mine so I’m turning my focus to them today. I’ve heard that if you avoid making goals you should set goals that are the equivalent of a single step forward, one after another. So today I will decide on a handful of small goals that I can set with high confidence. 

  • Start blogging regularly. Here I am. I have become aware that the most value i can create as of now is by documenting my journey. Thats because i am dedicated to a dream. What is it? I dont know yet but i feel it in my bones. When will my purpose reveal itself? Will I survive as an artist or experience unforseen successes? Sounds like as good a reality show as any. My learning process is such that i believe i would follow me, if I wasnt me but was documenting the process. It could be valuable for anyone on a path of self discovery. And who isnt. With so many artists out there fighting for attention what people really want is to not just see the art, but be able to visit the mind of the creator. Journalizing will also help me process the overload of data that streams through my skull, which I can feel already.
  • Sketch daily. Many artists have experienced a difficulty doing this persistently. Re-dedicating to this will help take my artwork itself to the next level. It will also help me post work in different places more consistently, a key.
  • Define my personal brand. My last name is Cross. My father called me bones as a kid. So I go by Chad Crossbones. It just feels right and things happen that tell me that I’m easily discovered as Chad Crossbones. The world is swamped with artists of all kinds. To stand out one needs a great personal brand. The first step to creating a great, long lasting personal brand is to define it. That means making it clear what you represent. I like such a wide range of art styles and mediums that this is extra important for me, but makes coming up with a single “mission statement” difficult.  I’ve thought about having myself represent the concept of contrasts- growth and decay, light and darkness, etc. One thing I know is that I only want to put positive energy out into the world. At least with my words. That may surprise you if you know I love dark art, but to me seeing it isn’t a negative experience. If I’m expressing negative feelings I try to do it in a positive light. Theres enough negative in our lives to be posting things that drag each other down, and a lot of the times as I scroll my feeds I’m in a stink looking for a smile or hope. A great personal brand also helps with follower interaction, which I’ve had trouble with.
  • Solidify at least one social media stradegy. I loved vine so much. It was like nothing else and those who never “got it”never will. But alas it never let you link your followers to your site or anywhere. Not long after i hit 2 million loops it shut down. But it did teach me the value of consistant posts, and connected me with many amazing people who i can continue being friends with elsewhere (hugz to my vine fam) With so many outlets and apps, the possibilies are overwhelming. For optimum discoverability, one should utilize a stragitic mix of platforms. By using the varying abilities and purposes of each app you can heighten your discoverabilty dramatically. Which will I ultimately choose? Any artist not on instagram should be. I want to use tumblr more because I can post anything I do from sketches, animation to music. My Facebook art page, obviously, fb is where most sharing takes place. More YouTube too. One thing I need is basically an upload scedule.

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